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Can A Slogan Win Or Lose An Election!

A tagline or slogan is an extremely important communication tool for any business and it is an especially important tool for a political party during an election campaign. The slogan communicates to voters what the party's vision is for the country in the coming...

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Search Engine Optimisation

Everybody knows the value of reaching the number 1 spot on search engines such as Google for key words relating to your business: the service you provide or the products you sell.  It is accepted that your website needs to be on page 1 of search engines and the higher...

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Web Design

Enable Marketing is delighted to launch a "refer a friend for web design" scheme which is valid until the 31st of March. It is a simple promotion, if you know a friend, family member or business colleague who is thinking of getting a new website designed or they are...

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When Redesigning Your Website Create Re-directs

A common problem that I come across is when a business decides to get its website upgraded/redeveloped and all the existing pages on the old website get deleted or page names get changed, i.e from www.yourwebsite.com/contact.htm to www.yourwebsite.com/contact-us/, and...

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Wow, Super Bowl Sunday Adverts Cost How Much?

This Sunday 7th Feb, the 50th Super Bowl will take place in the Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara between Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos and it is time for the TV network CBS to celebrate! With viewing figures in excess of 110 million last year, companies such as Coca...

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Improving The Conversion Rate Of Your Website

Featured image Geralt / pixabay.com Today I had a phone call about digital marketing services that we provide and the caller asked about improving the conversion rate on their website. If you feel your website is not delivering the customer referrals you expect, then...

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Setting SMART Goals For Your Business

Featured image by patpitchaya / shutterstock.com Last week on our blog we posted a framework for business that would help you develop your social media strategy. Part of that framework included setting goals so your business can achieve its overall business objective....

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Framework To Develop Your Social Media Strategy

Featured image by dizain / shutterstock.com A few years ago I completed a Masters in Digital Marketing in Smurfit Business School. As part of the course I developed a Social Media Strategy (SMS) Wheel which is a framework for companies to help them develop their own...

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What Is Your Brand Personality?

Featured image by Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH / shutterstock.com Whether you are involved in business or you are not, we regularly hear talk in the media about brands, from "brand Beckham" to the "Coca Cola brand".  In fact a common phrase that we hear is that "you are...

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Give your business a good foundation online.

Image by Stylus photo / shutterstock.com I have owned my own business for over 12 years and I am well aware of the challenges facing SME's in Ireland and across the world. It is frustrating for business owners who read articles about how they should be selling online...

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The Three C’s Of Developing A Website

If you are thinking of revamping your existing website or you are embarking on developing a brand new website, this article will provide you with some useful advice and information on some potential pitfalls to avoid. In my opinion these are the three most important...

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Mobile Friendly Sites Will Now Be Rewarded

In Ireland, over 95% of the population use Google when conducting searches so Google is essential for any business who has a website and wants potential customers to find their business over their competitors. Google's mobile search algorithm involves over 200 factors...

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Google My Business – Help customers find your business

Image by Stylus photo / shutterstock.com I work as a Digital Marketing Consultant in Co Mayo, Galway and Sligo and recently I was asked to talk at an AIB digital evening for business. AIB were promoting their new service "POGO" which is a card payment facility that...

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Your Viral Ad Won’t Go Viral If Nobody Watches It!

Image source dreamstime.com When creating an online video advertisement, every digital marketer’s goal is to create a viral video ad that is watched and shared by millions but for many, this remains just a dream!  Online, viewers are more in control of the ads they...

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How Big Data is changing marketing.

Image by Rawpixel.com / shutterstock.com  Introduction Big Data is an exciting new development in computing that is revolutionising marketing and commerce in general. This article will define Big Data and outline how organisations are using it to become customer...

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