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A few years ago I completed a Masters in Digital Marketing in Smurfit Business School. As part of the course I developed a Social Media Strategy (SMS) Wheel which is a framework for companies to help them develop their own social media strategy. Coming from a business background I understand the challenges facing large, medium and small companies in relation to social media and I also know the opportunities offered by it.

The astounding growth of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is phenomenal and what is most interesting is how people’s use of social media is evolving. It’s no longer about wooing potential customers with elaborate marketing campaigns and buying fans.  Now, companies using social media marketing are entering the consumer’s domain, where they have to play by their rules and earn customers support! Unfortunately for companies, this takes time and they need to start developing an effective social media marketing strategy.

The aim of the SMS Wheel framework is to provide a simple template for marketing professionals and business owners to develop an effective social media strategy for their company and this SMS should form part of the company’s overall digital marketing strategy.  The SMS Wheel framework is designed with the customer central to each step.  Importantly, it is not based on building audiences with massive marketing campaigns and budgets.  It’s designed for small, medium and large businesses alike to organically connect and establish a relationship with their customers or potential customers, anyone can do it but it does take time and commitment.

The framework can be applied to develop a new social media strategy or it can be applied to review a company’s existing strategy, either way, companies should start at the beginning.  It is free for you to download by clicking the button below and you are welcome to register below for our free newsletter for free tips and advice for your business. Remember, a strategy is a plan, and a plan has to be implemented and there comes a time to stop talking and start doing!

Cathal Quinn