A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the importance of reviews online to your business and at the time I said that Google are placing more and more value on the opinion of real customers, critics and reputable publishers.

This week, when doing some work for a client, Cunningham’s Pharmacy in Bray, I noticed that Google had incorporated customer reviews of Cunningham’s from Goldenpages.ie and from Facebook into Cunningham’s Google listing.

Now, when customers search for a business on Google, they will not only see customer reviews from Google but they will also see reviews from across the web. This is further evidence of the value Google place on real reviews from real people and in all likelihood this information will be incorporated into the Google algorithm (if it hasn’t been already) and ultimately, it will affect a business’ rankings in Google.


Cunningham’s listing. Source: Google.ie

Put A Policy In Place


With this addition to business listings in Google, it is even more essential that businesses manage their online reputation and put a policy or system in place to deal with all reviews, good and bad. Customer reviews are obviously valued by Google but they are also an opportunity to identify what you are doing well and what needs to be improved.

Of course, there may be times that you feel a review is overly harsh and or disingenuous but once your business puts a customer review policy in place, you will be much more consistent in how you respond to good and bad reviews. This will show potential and existing customers that you are responsive to their concerns and it will give them confidence when dealing with your company.


Featured image by Pixabay.com/Pattern Pictures

Cathal Quinn