Last week, Google announced that it is creating a second index so it will now have an index for mobile and an index for desktop. The mobile index will be the “primary” index which it uses to serve results to people doing searches on the search engine and the desktop index will not be as up to date as the mobile version. Our previous article explains how Google search engine indexes your website.

This change will happen over the next few months.

At the moment, it is unclear of the impact it will have on the rankings of websites in Google but it wouldn’t take a genius to work out that the news is not good for websites that are not mobile friendly.

Last year, the company announced that they would be adjusting their algorithm to give more weight to mobile friendly websites. With the massive growth of mobile devices and connectivity on the go, it makes sense for Google to give priority to websites whose content has been designed for consumption on mobile.

Get Tested!


The world of digital, especially “search”, is changing at a rapid pace and for your business to stay competitive online, you have to invest and keep up to date with current changes. I recommend that you test your website for mobile friendliness which you can do here: .

If you find that your website is not mobile friendly then I believe it is time you upgrade!

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