Today I was having a conversation with a friend and she mentioned that it is fascinating that we use “it does exactly what it says on the tin” as part of our everyday vernacular and I completely agree with her. It is amazing that a tag line for a company selling garden and home care products has become such a common phrase that it has been adopted by the general public. While a logo, the visual component of a brand’s identity, is extremely important, the tag line, usually a short, catchy memorable phrase, can encapsulate a brand’s position in the market and connect in a long lasting way with the target audience.

Google It


Over the years, brands offering quality products and services, combined with clever marketing have seen company tag lines become everyday phrases. Some brand names have become verbs, e.g “Google it”, and often, a quality brand name is used to describe the product category in which the brand operates; for example, people use the brand “Hoover” instead of “vacuum cleaner”, “Band-aid” instead of “plaster” and “Jacuzzi” instead of “hot tub”.  Imagine a world where your business name or brand is instantly recognisable by the masses!Enable-Marketing-We-Enable-SMEs-To-Grow


If Carlsberg Did…


John Fanning, Chairman of McConnell’s Advertising, in his book “The importance of Being Branded” (2006) outlines how “brands are often described as being created in the minds of consumers” and therefore the brand is owned by the consumer rather than the company that owns the brand. In my opinion, this phenomenon is evident in the way that consumers have adopted tag lines of brands such as “should’ve gone to Specsavers”  and “if Carlsberg did…”, taking the original meaning of the tag line and even going beyond that and integrating them into their own experiences and interactions. In this digital age, this connection between consumers and a brand and how they engage with tag lines is particularly obvious through social media, blogging, online forums etc. which can reach thousands of people creating brand awareness and influencing potential consumers’ opinion of a brand.

Just Do It!


It is essential for your business that you create a brand identity that will develop a strong brand awareness in order to connect with and influence your target market. A well designed logo is essential but the power of a smart tag line should not be underestimated. Spend time creating a short tag line, 3 – 6 words in length, that conveys what’s unique about your brand in a way that will resonate with your target market.

Not as easy as it sounds!

Featured Image: Alexas_Fotos

Cathal Quinn