If you are a regular user of Twitter, you have probably seen a “blue tick” on the profile of celebrities, sports stars, journalists and most well known people, for example the image below is the twitter profile of professional golfer Henrik Stenson. This means that Twitter has verified that the twitter profile of this person is authentic. Twitter has now made this option available to all individuals and to businesses alike (Wired.co.uk, 2016).

Henrik Stenson Professional Golfer

Source: Twitter.com

Why get your business verified?


You should apply to Twitter to get your account verified because it further validates your brand and builds trust with customers. When customers are evaluating whether or not to do business with your company they will visit your website, view your social media profiles and research information online about your business. Any extra credibility that you can add to your profiles, the better it is for your business.

How to get verified on Twitter.


We have just applied to get Enable Marketing verified and the process is very simple.

> Log into the Twitter account that you want to get verified

> In the same browser, visit verification.twitter.com/request

> Select the account you want to verify

> Check the box to indicate if it is a company or brand or organization account and click “next”

> Twitter then asks you to supply a minimum of 2 website links to help verify your account. We provided our company website and company Linkedin page

> Finally, you need to provide Twitter with a 500 character statement explaining why you or your company should be verified and click “submit”

Follow these few easy steps to complete the verification process and Twitter will confirm if your Twitter account has been verified via email.

There is no guarantee that Twitter will approve your account but if you are successful you will get a “blue tick” on your company or personal account and this will increase your credibility with online users.

Image souce: pixabay.com/ kpgolfpro

Cathal Quinn