According to the latest research from IAB Ireland social media display advertising in Ireland has experienced a 72% year on year growth with spending increasing from €28.5 million in 2014 to €49 million in 2015. That is a phenomenal growth rate and these figures prove that Irish companies are investing large amounts of money in social media advertising and Facebook is one of the main recipients.

Why Facebook?

Facebook is the obvious choice for most companies when advertising because it is the largest social media platform in the world with over 1.04 billion active users every day and 1.59 billion active monthly users (Facebook, 2016).  These are astonishing figures considering the world’s population is 7.125 billion in 2013 (World Bank, 2016). So for every woman, man and child in the world, one in every seven uses Facebook every single day.  Ireland has 1.6 million active daily Facebook users equating to one in three people and this ratio makes Facebook advertising for businesses in Ireland even more attractive.

The Right Way To Advertise On Facebook

Your Facebook activity should be part of your social media strategy and should be aligned with your company’s objectives. With your objectives in mind and to deliver the best return on investment for your Facebook advertising it is essential that you identify who your customers are.

Identify The Customers You Want To Target

Facebook users input a huge amount of personal information when they first open their account and many update that information on an ongoing basis, e.g “xxxxx is in a relationship with yyyy” or “xxxxx now works at zzzzzzzz”. For this reason you can use Facebook advertising to target customers based on their demographics, personal information and location. So for small and medium sized enterprises Facebook advertising offers a great opportunity to target the right customers in the right location.

To achieve the best return from your advertising I recommend that you develop at least three profiles of your perfect customer. describes these customer profiles as target personas and each target persona represents a particular group of customers. Each persona should include: sex, age, interests, education, relationship status and location etc and many companies even include a picture and name the customer group.  The more detail you include when developing each persona the better results you will achieve.  This is a great technique that keeps your customers at the forefront of your campaign.

For example below is a customer persona for a pizzeria in Bray:

Cathal Quinn

John Doe

John Doe

Male, age 25-35,

Living near Bray

Home Owner: Renting and currently sharing a house with other males.

Hobbies: Football, Golf and most sports.

Relationship status: Single

Profession: Teacher

Lifestyle: Socialises most weekends in Bray, big football fan: plays 5 a side and watches champions league and premiership. 

The Opportunity:  By identifying the type of customer you wish to target, you can more effectively identify: the right promotion/message to entice them, when to target them and in what location. For example the pizzeria in Bray could target the above persona group, males aged 25-35 living in Bray town with an interest in Soccer, on the night of a champions league game with a “Match Pizza Special”.

The customer is the life blood of any business. If you follow the advice in this blog post it will help you to target the right customers with a more relevant message that will help you maximise your return on investment from your Facebook advertising.

Cathal Quinn